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Amp-freqq featureDescriptionMINIV1MIDI
10 band graphical equaliserResponsive 10 Band graphic Equalizer has carefully chosen frequencies allowing you to sharpen and tune your sound perfectlyXXX
Adjustable Killer Switches (Bands)EQ Killer switches with graphical frequency bandwidth control, Q, gains and kills. Our “Killer Switches”© are simple to operate graphical controls to help you set your bands precisely. You have so much power to transform the sound, far more than any other software or hardware. (up to +64dB gain). Select the exact cut off frequencies for each band, depending on the track and your speaker setup. A “sound system” sound is achieved on any speaker setup. Filter sweeps are possible by moving the frequency bands higher and lower in the range.344
Digital file players with play-skip barPlay, rewind* & replay MP3, WAV and FLAC music files (*Rewind only on MIDI)XXX
Dub Siren ControlAllows user to trigger a vst dub siren directly from the app and select and adjust the presetsXXX
Keyboard shortcut controlControl Amp-Freqq from the keyboard and hit two or three effects at the same time and move away from the mouse!XXX
Play BarPlay, pause, skip and loop controls – and we’ve thrown in a repeat switch too!XXX
Replay featureAll players will replay from the start once play button is pressedXXX
Spectrum AnalysersIn the killer switch graphs, we display the input source raw sound as a spectrum analyser images to guide you to set the individual bands. In the effects graphs we display only the added sound and the master spectrum displays the fully processed sound. This also has a choice of logarithmic or linear display. (One details bass more than the other)XXX
VST Dub siren controlAmp FreQQ has a dedicated set of controls to operate a VST Dub SirenXXX
12 Slot Sample PlayerDrag and drop any size digital file for momentary or full playback of songs, jingles, sounds samples etc. Triggered by mouse, keyboard or midi controller. Complete with high pass filter and send to effects triggersXX
Drag & drop files (inputs and samples)Drag and drop audio files directly into Tracks A & B or Sample playerXX
Limiters Master/Reverb/EchoOne each for echo, reverb and master, adjustable levels allow the user to set as desired. Use these to protect your hearing and your equipment!XX
Playlist FeatureA simple to use drag and drop feature that saves playlists to be recalled later. The Midi version has a unique “next track” display and allows you to cue up to 3 tracks in advance…12
View track lengthDisplays the time left on your digital fileXX
View track namesDisplays the track nameXX
4 band parametric EqualiserPowerful fully adjustable parametric equalizer allows for larger scale control over the frequencies and can be used in combination with all other EQ sXX
Assignable inputs (CD, Turntable etc)Our Assignable inputs accepts ANY source, CD, Radio, vinyl, tape cassette, internet streaming etc. You can connect a Mixer, play from a mobile or even reroute all sound from your computers audio out to Amp-FreQQ, (using an external freeware software).XX
AUX/ Microphone inputAdditional input for a Microphone/Aux bus which can also be routed to the effects. Complete with high pass filter and send to effects triggersXX
Reverb with filtersCustom designed Reverb processor that provides that unique Reggae sounding verb when engaged. Complete with our band filter that essentially “funnels” the sound into the mix. Superb “punch in” control that allows you to target instruments to effect. Additionally\\\\ the sound routing bypasses the killers and goes straight to master allowing you to play with your music in multiple ways!XX
Tape echo with filtersWe have emulated the classic HH tape echo complete with slider time control and specially designed feedback control. Create endless echo’s and filter style effects\\\\ sweep the frequencies and more.XX
Custom LogoYou can use your own logo to superimpose over the master spectrum analyser. Simply create a 700×200 transparent image with your image and drop directly onto the master spectrum! BOOM!X
High and Low pass Filters sweepsSweepable Low and High pass resonant can be set to work on master\\\\ the raw unprocessed input\\\\ samples or switched off to let you show you’re your creative expression.X
Live user and advanced modeAmp-Freqq in Live User mode makes it even simpler to adjust your frequencies and produce the music and effects that you want to create.X
Master spectrum analyserMaster summing spectrum analysers displayed in logmathermic and linear formats to see all the frequencies of the track and your effects as you’re playing it!X
MIDI Learn controls + reset buttonMap any of Amp freQQs control to any class compliant midi controller and take your music control to the next level!X
New style Dubbing techniquesNeeds words to start with…X
Playlist scroll from the play barCreate your playlist and then scroll through it to quickly line up your selections…X
Record OutAllows you to remix\\\\ re EQ and remaster anything playing on Amp FreQQ and record to wav or AIFF formatX
Restore to defaultAmp FreQQ allows to make so many changes to your music that sometimes it’s easy to get lost so we’ve created a default reset to help you – see how nice we are…X
Rewind (Spinback) functionA very special feature that actually rewinds the digital file at X10 then slows before replaying the trackX
Save settings on exitSaves all levels that have changed on exitX
User modeUser mode restricts the graphs to only usable frequencies and reduces to +32dB gain. Advanced mode unlocks it allX